Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of First Grade!

Em started First Grade today. Its a new school so it was crazy and hectic, but Em wasn't even fazed by it. She just kissed Caitlin, Olivia, and me good bye and walked right in. No tears from anyone.

I saw cool vinyl laptop decals on Etsy and asked Michelle if she could make them with her handy-dandy vinyl cutting machine. Sure 'nuf! Isn't it cute? Thank you "Darren"- I love you! I told her she needs to sell them on the Just Devine site too!

My 3 girls.... they are this sweet all the time. HA!


Michelle Devine said...

The swirly collage looks cool. I think Ill start cutting. Mine needs to be done now.

Michele said...

Em is gone ALL DAY! How are you ever going to cope? She looks so grown up and Caitlin and Olivia are so precious. You are indeed blessed! since you shared a memory on my blog I will do the same for of the many that stand out is when I first saw you whip up a page and I thought what is this incredibly talented woman doing in this little crappy (scrapper's garden) scrap book store when she could obviously work anywhere.

kim hesson said...

your girls are looking so much older and super cute!

sherry said...

your girls are beautiful and they are growing so fast.

Katherine B. said...

Congrats Em on entering 1st grade!! You're girls are growing up so quickly!!