Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm not dead....

... just busy! Why are the last few weeks of school so hectic? Its been crazy. But now its officially summer break so things should settle down a little bit.

Random thought and image....THIS makes me happy....

Em had her Kindergarten "ceremony" (they don't call it graduation) this week. Mrs Voyles has been her teacher for two years, Pre-K and Kindergarten, and we just LOVE her. It was very hard saying goodbye to her. She's been an amazing influence on Emilee and if I had my way, she'd just keep moving up through the grades right along with Em. A BIG thank you to all the wonderful teachers who love their job and their kids!

I've started obsessing over lampwork beads lately, thanks to my friend Trisha and her beautiful beadwork. She just had 4 pieces published in Bead Trends and will be their featured artist in a future issue! Congrats Trisha! So I fell in love with her pink lampwork bracelet that she already sold, and decided I wanted her to make me one. I went on Ebay (where else?) and found these very cool and affordable handmade lampwork beads. Trisha will be stringing them for me and making something gorgeous very soon!

Little Olivia is 7 months old now, and Crazy Caitlin is 2.5 and is redefining the terrible twos!