Sunday, November 30, 2008

I don't like Michelle...

Darren tagged me so I'd have to update my blog... and being tagged is a lot like being dared to do something, which I do not posses the strength to ignore, soooo.....

favorite show- House MD, LOST, Rock of Love Charm School (pure, unadulterated trash!) and Celebrity Rehab
favorite ice cream- Coldstone Cake Batter and Archer Farms Georgia Butter Pecan
favorite candy- frozen Snickers
favorite cleaner- Windex, I guess.
weird fact #1- Even the least little bit of caffeine makes me crazy.
weird fact #2- I can't handle or cut raw meat, ewwwww!
weird fact #3- I don't like eggs, fish, or any seafood.
fast food or homemade- homemade when I have the time
favorite holiday-Halloween
mac or pc-PC, mac users are weird!

Tag One L and Nichol, you're it!