Friday, August 8, 2008

Big Announcement!

Starting in September, I will be a BagDADDY sales rep! These things are so cool! They are custom handbags that you design and personalize at home shows. You pick the style, you pick the fabric, you pick the design, you pick the handles.... you get the idea! I knew I could never be a sales rep for a product I didn't love myself, and this product just blew me away. These are gorgeous and original bags! And I promise, as much as I love to throw a party, my home shows will be a ton of fun! Drop me a line if you want to schedule one!


sherry said...

Yeah Amy. I know you will do great at this.
Keep me posted if you do a swap I would love to do one with you

Michele said...

How much do they run? If they are not too expensive I would love for you to design one for me and I would send money. Because lets face it...everything you touch is golden.