Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Do it or else!

One L threatened to put a hit out on me if I didn't at least try to keep up with the blog... so I'm going to try.

Lots going on this month... took over the Devine Memories design team (so fun!), looking for houses to rent (PITA), looking for a full time job (yuck!), turning 36 in 2 weeks (try not to choke!), getting a new tattoo on the 17th (my 2nd one, 1st one was 11 years ago!), and trying to take care of these 3 crazy girls without losing my mind! (fat chance!)

I was doing the thing. Lets just say I'd recommend it! ; )

peace out!


Yolar said...

See Here or Here

Michele said...

The girls are growing up so fast I can't believe how old Caitlin looks! Baby Olivia looks so much like Caitlin did at that age you could have just posted an old pic of Caitlin and I would never have know. Thanks for the update with make me feel...not so far away!

sherry said...

Oh my goodness the girls have grown so much and the newest little one is so sweet. Good luck on finding a house to rent

Akinol said...

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